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Council-wide Plans

Local Plan (housing development)

Here you will find information about the community’s response to Teignbridge District Council’s Local Plan

A group of residents analysed all of the proposed small residential housing sites and liaised with the land owners and the District Council in order to establish a plan that is right for Broadhempston.

This website shows the group’s findings – BROADHEMPSTON – Home

The Parish Council’s response in respect of a proposed wind farm is here

The Parish Council’s response in respect of housing development supported the findings of the working group and was as follows:

Dear Teignbridge District Council,

In response to the Draft Local Plan Review 2020-240 Part 3 a working group comprised of Broadhempston residents, in collaboration with the Parish Council, have continued the work that was undertaken as a village as our response to Draft Local Plan Review 2020-2040 Part 2 and consider the proposals along with the opinions, support and concerns of the village community.

Broadhempston is a thriving village and we share Teignbridge District Council’s (TDC) vision for development that delivers the right types of houses in the right places whilst ensuring that plans respect our special green spaces, heritage, wildlife and village community.  We already have a brilliant track record in creating high quality, truly affordable homes in the village with our best in class self-build eco homes at Easterways.

Based both on the appraisals undertaken most recently and in the previous consultation Draft Local Plan Review 2020-2040 Part 2 by the working group, and considering both risks and opportunities for our village to develop more housing, we as a Parish Council are suggesting to TDC that a small development of 12 homes, or less, be built on a subdivision of the land North of Easterways.

We understand that TDC are able to ‘work with developers to encourage the sub- division of large sites where this could help to speed up the delivery of homes.’ through the national policy guidance (from

With the Broadhempston Community Land Trust’s (BCLT) successful track record of delivering sustainable, affordable housing for local people (completing six homes in 2016 with a further two currently awaiting planning approval), we believe we can now build on this direct experience and local knowledge to provide quality housing that doesn’t over-develop the village.

By taking ownership of housing development in the village and using the proven financial model developed by TDC and BCLT we can prioritise permanently affordable homes for local people, with the option of a smaller proportion of open market housing, turning the standard housing model on its head.

BCLT combined with a Broadhempston Housing Group, would aim to make the design truly sustainable, developing facilities to support people to work from home and reduce the carbon footprint, while protecting the unique historic and rural character of the village.

We attach all the information collected by the residents working group to formulate this response summarised in the paper entitled Discussion Paper for Broadhempston Parish Council Teignbridge District Council (TDC) Draft Local Plan- Small Residential Site Development along with corresponding annexes and provide underlying data and supporting rationale for this summation alongside the information provided to TDC under the Draft Local Plan Review 2020-2040 Part 2 consultation as these should be read in conjunction with each other as information is contained in both submissions which is applicable for Draft Local Plan Review 2020-2040 Part 2 and Draft Local Plan Review 2020-240 Part 3. All of these documents were voted through by the Parish Council at our Local Plan Public Meeting held on Thursday 20th January.

Further to this, we have been provided with the following statement by the Broadhempston Community Land Trust (BCLT) to be considered with this submission:

The BCLT supports a community led approach for developing new housing, that prioritises affordable houses for local people, and of a proportionate number of houses (approximately 12), of mixed type. It does not favour a particular site, as its aim is to support the site most likely to be successful to achieve these goals.

 It is possible that the generally most favoured site would be the field north of Easterways and BCLT would have no objection to/be supportive of the kind of development outlined above on this site.

 The details of the BCLT’s involvement in such a development are yet to be confirmed, once all the factors have been discussed with all stakeholders and the directors of BCLT CIC.

 Please accept this as submission from Broadhempston Parish Council on Draft Local Plan Review 2020-240 Part 3 and we look forward for the opportunity to work with TDC further on this over the coming years.

Yours faithfully,

Broadhempston Parish Council

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